Honey is a product of plant origin whose raw material is harvested by bees.

There are a multitude of honey varieties whose composition, properties and flavor differ.

Despite differences depending on the flora, honey has interesting common characteristics. Indeed, it has a sweetening power about 1.3 times higher than white sugar and is less caloric. It is also rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It is therefore an energy base filled with benefits.

Terraroma Jaubert markets the honey of Benoît Millet, beekeeper in the Alpes de Haute Provence. Passionate about bees, he currently offers lavender, sunflower and flower honey. Honey is never heated to preserve all its benefits. After each harvest the honey is analyzed to guarantee the best quality.

Interview with Benoît Millet
Interview with Benoît Millet, beekeeper and companion of Pauline Jaubert, official supplier of Terraroma.


Since when are you a beekeeper?

I am installed since May 2011 and I created my company Apialpes in June 2016.


How many hives do you have today?

I started with the few hives that my grandfather gave me and today I have a herd of 250 hives.


How much are you on the farm?

I am alone to take care of the flock.


Why did you choose this job?

I have always worked in nature and when my grandfather gave me his hives it created a passion in me. I am very meticulous in my work and I control my hives as often as possible.


What is a good honey?

Each honey has its specificities. For example, lavender honey must have a light golden yellow color. It is liquid at harvest and crystallizes after a few months. This crystallization makes it whiter with some mottling. If it is not the case it is probably due to the fact that it has been heated and thus it makes him lose his properties. So you must learn about the honey you want to buy and favor a honey beekeeper rather than honey supermarket.

My honey is never heated and I have analyzes done after each harvest to control the quality of my honey.