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Terroir and Fragrance

Terraroma c’est d’abord la terre

Once upon a time,

Almond tree was an emblematic plant of Provence.

Terraroma is the land of Provence where the emblematic tree of Valensole grows. It represents the spring. It is for the family a symbol of love because it was in the plantation of almond trees that Pauline's ancestors met each other.

Today, the Jaubert family has more than 20,000 trees in its family farm, making it the largest independent Provence almond producer in France.

Terraroma c’est aussi l’arôme

Terraroma represents also aromatic and fragrant plants, in particular the lavender from which the Jaubert family has extracted the fragrance for several generations using the traditional method in its own distillery.

As in the past, we leave the flowers to dry in the field for several days before distillation. This highly prized essential oil attracts visitors from all over the world each year.

Terraroma represents the fragrance

The fragrance of tradition

Terraroma c’est également le miel

Terraroma and its honey

It’s the story about a bee lover

Terraroma represents the honey, a treasure from the hive and the sweet nectar harvested by Mr. Benoît Millet, Pauline Jaubert's husband. Enthusiastic about beekeeping, he manages to provide us a range of high quality labeled honey.

Today, he provides various choices: lavender honey, Provence flowers honey, sunflower honey and forest honey… And we use this natural ingredient for manufacturing Terraroma’s natural cosmetics!

Trésor de l’huile d’olive

Terraroma is committed to using the best ingredients, the company uses olive oil to manufacture one of its cosmetics range “A winter in Valensole” (Un Hiver à Valensole). This extra moisturizing cosmetic range is the best choice for men thanks to its beneficial properties of olive oil.

Terraroma and its organic olive oil

Nourishing and beneficial