Brand History

“WORK - KNOWHOW - QUALITY – PASSION”, these values have always driven us.

Jean-Pierre Jaubert, Valensole, 1967

Plateau de Valensole

In the heart of the Plateau of Valensole, the family of Jaubert has worked and lived off the fruit of their land for 4 generations. Excellence and hard work are its core values that still characterize the spirit of the family business today. Thanks to its unique knowhow and its ancestral methods transmitted and improved from generation to generation, its products stand out for their exceptional quality and incomparable flavor.

It is with pride that the new generation invites you to discover its lavender productions, Provence almonds, honey and natural cosmetics through its boutiques Terraroma.

The latest generation

Terraroma was founded by Pauline Jaubert in 2010. The family company sells its farm products: Provence almonds, essential oils of lavender and lavandin, honey, natural cosmetics as well as regional products selected for their high quality. Today, Terraroma has two points of sale: one in Valensole and the other in Gréoux-les-Bains.

It is with pride that the Jaubert family invites you to discover its productions through its shops and its website.

Pauline Jaubert, Valensole, 2016