The almond of Provence
The varieties of almonds are numerous but none equal the almonds cultivated on the grounds of Provence.
This unique terroir gives the almonds a specific taste sought by the finest amateurs.

Our farm is working to maintain an orchard of more than 15 000 almond trees, variety Lauranne and Ferragnès, to offer us in return the most noble fruit and one of the most sought after: the almond of Provence.

Almond is an excellent source of magnesium, vitamin E and fiber. It is also thanks to these that the almond provides excellent satiety and thus avoids snacking.


These late blooming varieties require only one treatment in the year to fight against Eurythoma. This insect pest can destroy an entire orchard if it is not quickly mastered. Fortunately, the treatment takes place at the time of flowering and is never in contact with the fruit. Moreover, no residues appear in the analyzes that are carried out by an independent laboratory.

The benefits of almond are well established. Rich in magnesium, fiber, vitamin E and B and monounsaturated lipids (the good oil), this fruit is all good. Another plus of size, the fibers and proteins that the almond contains increases the effect of satiety. It is the appetite suppressant par excellence.

To preserve your almonds for a long time, it is advisable to keep them in an airtight jar in the cool and protected from light. So you can keep them for more than a year without any problem.

If they are delicious, they are just as good when prepared or cooked. Whole, in pieces, pruned, powdered, tapered, ..., the almond is found in many forms to satisfy all tastes and enter both sweet and salty recipes.

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